Insights-Powered Content Development for Verizon


Gyrate Media’s Role:  

  • Developed a targeted social listening program to identify topics & trends from industry influencers and in broad social conversations.

  • Created 100+ pieces of thought leading tech-based content (both ghost-written and influencer bylined) on key topics for VZW, powered by social listening insights as well as editorial, VZW priority and news event filters.

  • Wrote regular “thought starters” for VZW PR team to aid in their own content creation.

  • Created a series of graphics and infographics.

  • Developed content strategy, management protocols and competitive analysis insights to help VZW revise its News Center strategy in 2014/2015.

  • Currently working for Corporate and Enterprise on content and social listening as well as editorial strategy for VZ consolidation. 



1. Increased Engagement: including more shares, likes and comments on social.

How did we do this? 

  • By raising the quality and relevancy of content;

  • Creating entry points for readers;

  • Employing smarter “what's next" pathing; and

  • Developing story packages linked to other stories, for example: #PowerfulTech

2. Lifespan/ Longevity: Many of these richly reported, innovative stories from months back are still popular with readers. 

3. Audience Growth: Grew the audience of women & millennials through content of direct interest, informed by our innovative content strategy approach (social listening + editorial insight). This enabled us to listen to a highly relevant set of topics and influencers to identify concrete trends, then add editorial insight to develop fresh, topical content.

4.Increased traffic at Several non-news stories not only generated high traffic, but also referred users to other pages on