Meet Our Experts:


Margit DetwEiler, Principal

Over the last 20 years, Margit has led the editorial vision for some of the top media and consumer brands, including Real Simple, AOL Everyday Health. Offering a unique blend of creative, editorial, business and technical skills, she’s created world-class multimedia publications, products and sites that attract both consumers and marketers. Prior to her digital life, Margit spent a decade as a Music Editor and then Managing Editor at the Philadelphia City Paper. In 2013 Gyrate Media independently launched a storytelling site and event series for Gen-X Women, twice-honored by the Webby Awards. Margit is also an award-winning reporter and editor and has contributed to the Associated Press, Digiday, Village Voice, Rolling Stone and many others. 


Jessica Weil, Strategy & Management

Jessica is a senior-level digital media strategist and management consultant obsessed with creating great experiences and delivering unprecedented value for clients. For 17 years, Jessica has driven digital content/UX, research, product and marketing strategies for major media networks, agencies, organizations and startups, in Director and VP-level positions, including AOL, Participant Media (CSR campaigns for Disney, Amex, Hewlett, MacArthur), the Los Angeles Times, Univision, Edison and Wikia (sister brand of Wikipedia), among others. Jessica is our T-shaped versatilist—a proven leader and manager of teams working to develop, launch and grow successful products and campaigns, both online and off.  


Taiia Smart Young is a writer, editor and content creator with more than 20 years of experience producing stories. She spent the bulk of her career in print and digital media, serving in senior editorial positions for LatinaEssence and XXL. Taiia also co-launched Juicy, the first celeb life hair and beauty magazine and website for women. On the client side, she’s worked with TIDAL, Black Girls Rock!, Wendy Williams Hunter Foundation, Motivated Mamas, Achievement First charter school network and others. Taiia is the author of the award-winning book Famous! How to Be the Star of Your Show: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Embracing Her Fabulous Self. In 2018, she launched Rock Your College Essay, which is a live (and virtual) workshop that helps teens write inspiring personal statements. 


Ruth Gallogly, Producer & Editor

Ruth Gallogly has over 17 years of experience creating effective content marketing solutions for nonprofits, for profits and individual entrepreneurs alike. She has worked with such clients as Audible, Shapeways, Rit Dye, Single Stop and United Way of NYC. Prior to her client work with Gyrate Media, Ruth was with the Robin Hood Foundation for nearly a decade, overseeing digital media and managing communications and marketing. Ruth holds an MFA in Creative Writing from NYU. She has written and produced content for teen websites, including the Noggin-backed online cartoon Citizen Phoebe. She also devised scripts for Radio Noggin and wrote a Scholastic Read 180 book.