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Gyrate Media Develops Film to Support Young Minority Men in STEM

You Don't Know Me

Filming “You Don’t Know Me” in Brooklyn. (Photo: Already Alive)

In the short film “You Don’t Know Me,” Gyrate Media worked with the Verizon Innovative Learning marketing team, director Michael Marantz of Already Alive and production team Hard Pin to ask viewers to reconsider stereotypes about young men of color. The video highlights Verizon Innovative Learning’s initiative which brings technology and hands-on learning opportunities to kids in underserved schools and communities. “You Don’t Know Me” premiered at the 2016 Essence Music Festival in July.

For our part in this fantastic experience, Gyrate Media developed the concept for the film, created the initial script, sourced the director and production team and consulted on the talent, music and overall production. We are incredibly proud to be part of this important initiative that shares a powerful, positive message about young minority men and their unlimited potential.
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